Top 3 Best Budget Gaming Motherboards in USA in 2021 Review

When it comes to the selection of motherboard you will see its quality, socket supports, ports and other features like its processors and working. Suppose if you want to overclock your CPU or you need memory support so replacing a motherboard is not that easy.  Before purchasing the motherboard,you have to keep every aspect in mind. You have to choose whether you want AMD or Intel and where you want to invest your money. Source of this article related to best gaming motherboards for ryzen processors is

Size of the motherboard is also very important. If you want to go for mini ITX or Micro ATX than you need the smaller size but if you want to go for standard ATX scale gaming PC than you can choose any of the motherboard. It does not mean that you have to sacrifice the performance even the smallest one have multiple features.

Best Budget Gaming Motherboards

Some of the best budget gaming motherboard in 2021 are:

1. Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme

It supports Intel tenth Generation. It has LGA 1200 socket. It gives high end performance. It is one of the best Intel comet lake motherboard. It is fully featured. As you can see in its name it provides the extreme quality. Its performance isconsidered to be one of the highest among the Z490 boards.

It provides you 1 x 10 GB Marvell Ethernet and 1x Intel Ethernet and also Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless. It has 4x DIMM which can support the memory up to 128GB.

It has several video ports 2x thunderbolt and 3 ports on extension card. It allows you to get the highest clock speed from your 10900K. It is one the best motherboard for overclocking. Best features include Wi-Fi 6, high performance and best for overclocking. Price is high.


2. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon Wi-Fi

It supports Intel tenth generation. Its size is ATX. It has 1x DisplayPortand 1x HDMI. It provides 1 x 2.5GB LAN and Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless. It has LGA 1200 socket. It is more reasonable in the price than Z490 and it gives competitive performance. It has sparse back panel and its OLED display is also missing therefore it seems like a normal motherboard.

It did not have same level of luxury features like MSI Godlike boards or Maximus XII but performance wise it is consider being competitive with them. When CPU is pushed to 5.3GHz all core maximum than the cooling and power componentry are not enough and there is less heat dissipation. Low in price, Wi-Fi 6, competitive performance are the pros of this motherboard. The only issue is Less heat dissipation.

3. MSI MAG B460M Mortar Wi-Fi

It supports Intel tenth generationand it has LGA 1200 Socket. Its size is micro ATX. It provides Realtek 2.5Gb LAN and Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless. It has 1x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI. Z490 Motherboards are one of the best motherboards but they are very expensive.

It has strong VRM. If you do not need overclocking than you can buy this board. Best positive points are Affordability, strong VRM, Wi-Fi 6, 2.5 GB LAN. It has no overclocking.

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