How Smart Trailers Can Prevent ‘BLT’ Headaches

The three most common and expensive trailer problems – brakes, lights, and tires (BLT) – are considered more than 80% of all unplanned trailer downtime. And the percentage of high CSA violations. Intelligent trailer technology can greatly reduce unpleasant events through a notification of trailer conditions.

The fleet manager who is above their game, if you talk to them on what they want to do is able to pre-check the trailer before they send tractors.

you can do a previous check before you can run your smart trailer untethered from the tractor. When the driver arrives, they can find the trailer and ready to roll. The lights all work and the tire increases. There are no more surprises.”

It was the ability to pre-check and find untethered trailers that first brought the onboard fleet with the concept of smart trailers. Data is collected by a battery-powered sensor on the trailer board and sent to the fleet manager when prompted through the telematics gateway in the trailer.

Let me tell you that once the fleet realizes what visibility can do for them, they all know how important it is. The returns of investments in the system become clear for them.

But smart trailers like mitsubishi fuso did not stop by identifying flat tires. The system will come to the market now or shortly to monitor the end of the wheel for high-temperature conditions. This can cause end wheels, tire fire, and even excessive vibrations that can warn the failure of bearings to occur.

Using predictive analysis and data analysis, the system is ready to monitor the historic vibration level and wheel-end temperature. It also sends warnings when they crawl to a higher range than normal. This is the information, you can easily predict when you need to actually do maintenance on the bearing. Thus prevent roadside problems where bearings are destroyed and creates a thermal event.

That is how pre-checking and having a keen interest to repair what needs to be done can improve the timings of the trailers. And this can lead trailers can go a long way.

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